Sample Teaching Materials

  • Definitions and Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics:
    This is a project I developed which uses creative writing to help students understand the importance definitions. It is based on the work of science fiction author Isaac Asimov. Here are slides from a presentation I did on the project at the JMM in 2017.

  • Creative Writing and Calculus:
    This is a creative writing project I developed for calculus students to help them better understand the concepts we developed in class. Students had to use some topic from calculus in the plot of their stories.

    A group of students wrote a story for this project in which the following riddle appeared. Can you solve it? Answer

    "If Dear Josh you want to find,
    Then answer me this simple rhyme.
    Take the day of Gauss's end
    And add the years from one till then."

  • Combinatorics Museum Exhibit:
    For this project, students created a museum exhibit aimed at engaging the general public in combinatorics.
    Click here to see an exhibit some of my students created called "Bijection Village".

  • Graph Theory Videos in the Style of Numberphile:
    Numberphile has a YouTube channel which explains advanced mathematics to a general audience. For this project, students had to create a video to explain a graph theory topic to the general public.

  • Benford's Law
    This is a project I developed in an introductory statistics course. It is based on Benford's Law which is a counterintuitive statistical phenomenon that applies to many datasets. Students did analysis on real-world data, mathematical defined sequences, and random integers.

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